Xiao Wu (China)

Xiao WuPianist Xiao Wu is currently the head of the piano department at the Central Conservatory of Music, Piano Academy at Gulangyu, Xiamen.

Xiao Wu first began playing piano at the age of 5. He went on to study at the Primary and Middle schools of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Professors Fan Minj and Chen Qingfeng. In 2002 Wu relocated to Paris, France to further his musical education. He entered the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, studying with world-renown piano educator Marina Rebicky, and went on to pursue a dual Master’s degree in Piano and Chamber Music Performance at the Conservatoire de Rueil-Malmaison under Professor Chantal Riou. Over the course of his stay in France, Xiao Wu gave concerts throughout Europe and was honored by the French media as the “Most Expressive Eastern Young Pianist”.

Wu has won many prizes in international competitions, including First Prize at the Casablanca Morocco International Piano Competition, the top honorable prize in Japan’s new Iizuka Music Competition, and First Place at the Bordeaux Double Piano Competition.

Upon his return to China, Wu was invited to teach at the Conservatory of Music, Piano Academy at Gulangyu, and has since become increasingly engaged as an educator. His students have won many outstanding prizes in renowned piano competitions, such as the Oporto International Piano Competition, Edmund International Piano Compettion, Hong Kong Piano Open Competition, Steinway National Piano Competition, Shenzhen Piano Open Competition, CCTV Piano and Violin Competition, Small Golden Bell Cup Yangtze River Piano Competition, Pearl River Fort Caesar National Piano Music Competition, Smetana International Music Competition, and others.

Wu is the recipient of several awards, including “Excellent Teacher in Piano Major” and “Prominent Teacher of Xiamen City”. He is also the only Arts teacher to have received the “Education Promotion Award” in the Fujian Province.

Over the past several years, Xiao Wu has continuously been invited to give solo and chamber recitals, seminars, and masterclasses in China and abroad. Previous engagements include the Music Academy in Virginia Commonwealth University in USA and the Toulouse Music Festival in France. Wu has sat on the panel for many prestigious piano competitions, including the Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Pearl River Cup, Helen Cup, Bastien, and Hong Kong Open Piano Competition.



旅法青年钢琴演奏家,中央音乐学院鼓浪屿钢琴学校钢琴主课教研室主任,五岁开始学习钢琴,1993年-2002年就读于上海音乐学院附小附中,师从范民娟、陈庆峰教授。2002年吴晓赴法国深造,先后就读于法国高等师范音乐学院,法国巴黎吕埃—马迈松国立音乐学院。师从世界著名钢琴教育家玛利安.赖比斯基和著名教育家chantl.raou教授。2006年吴晓以全体评审一致评判为第一名的优异成绩获得钢琴演奏专业硕士和室内乐演奏硕士。在深造期间,吴晓在欧洲各地举办了多场音乐会,被法国媒体誉为“最具音乐表现力的东方青年钢琴演奏家”。并获得了多个国际比赛奖项,如摩洛哥卡萨布兰卡国际钢琴比赛 一等奖、日本饭冢新人音乐比赛钢琴专业组获最高荣誉 、波尔多双钢琴音乐大赛比赛第一名等。回国后吴晓受聘于中央音乐学院鼓浪屿钢琴学校任教。近年来从事钢琴教育工作,培养了一批国内外获奖的优秀学生。如葡萄牙波尔图国际钢琴比赛、埃蒙德国际钢琴比赛、香港亚洲钢琴公开赛、施坦威全国比赛,深圳钢琴公开赛、cctv钢琴小提琴大赛,小金钟长江杯全国钢琴比赛、珠江恺撒堡全国钢琴比赛、斯美塔那国际钢琴比赛等,都取得了骄人的成绩。他本人亦获每学年“钢琴专业优秀教师奖”“厦门市优秀教师”,“职业教育振兴奖”——这也是福建首位获此殊荣的唯一一名艺术专业的教师。近年来吴晓继续受邀在国内外举行个人音乐会,室内乐音乐会,师生音乐会,专题讲座,大师班等,如在美国弗吉尼亚联邦大学(VCU)音乐学院 ,法国图卢兹音乐节等等,均受到高度赞赏。近几年吴晓还受邀担任施坦威、雅马哈、kawai、珠江杯、海伦杯、巴斯蒂安、香港亚洲公开赛 法国animato等国内外多个钢琴赛事评委

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