Jin Zhang (China)

Jin Zhang, praised for his impressive contribution to China’s piano pedagogy, is a professor of piano at the Central Conservatory of Music. He has been on the jury panel for numerous competitions and has given masterclasses at various music festivals.

Jin Zhang’s students have won awards at the International Competition for Young Pianists, “A Step Towards Mastery”   (St. Petersburg, Russia), the International Vladimir Krainev Young Pianists Competition, the Villa-Lobos International Piano Competition, the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition, the Ettlingen International Competition for Young Pianists, the Horowitz International Piano Competition for Young Pianists in Ukraine, the UNISA International Piano Competition in South Africa, the Paris Invitational Piano Competition for Young Pianists, the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition, the Oberlin International Piano Competition, the Minnesota E-Piano International Competition, the Frerenc Liszt International Piano Competition, the International Piano Competition in the Royal Northern College of Music, the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition in Poland, the Tchaikovsky International Competition for Young Musicians, the CCTV Piano and Violin Competition, and many others.

Jin Zhang directed the 5th Chopin International Piano Competition, the Xinghai National Piano Competition and the Cadenza National Piano Competition. In addition to the above-mentioned activities, he has co-authored music books and recorded CDs and DVDs. To honor his contribution to China’s piano education, he was awarded and given honorable titles. His achievements were widely reported by State mediums and his name entered the Contemporary Chinese Artists and World Cultural Celebrities.

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