The festival takes place in Völs am Schlern/ Fiè allo Sciliar, South Tyrol, Italy; every town in South Tyrol has two names: one in German and one in Italian, since these are the two official languages in South Tyrol. The two closest major international airports to Völs are in Milan and Munich.

Festival shuttle buses bring participants from airports Milan / Malpensa and Munich to the festival location, Völs am Schlern, on July 4 and back to the airports on July 23, 2018. Shuttle departure is at 2 pm on July 4 from Milan/Malpensa and Munich airports and around 7 am on July 23 from the Festival location. The shuttle bus ride between Airports Milan/Malpensa or Munich and the festival location, Völs am Schlern, takes 4 to 5 hours. You should arrive in Milan or Munich, no later than 1 pm, on July 4th so you have enough time, at least one hour, to pick up your luggage and pass the passport control.

Please remember, airlines require all passengers to be present at least two hours before the flight departure for international flights at the airport. If you would like to use the festival shuttle bus on July 23th, please make sure that your flight departs not before 2pm on July 23th.

If your flight schedule does not allow you to use the festival shuttle, then you are responsible for your travel and expenses, to and from the festival location. The public transportation system in Europe is very well developed. The closest major city to Völs is Bolzano/Bozen. One possibility is to take a train from Munich or Milan to Bolzano/Bozen and take a bus or a taxi from Bolzano to Völs am Schlern. There are local shuttle buses from Bolzano/Bozen train station to Völs every 30 minutes before 8pm, a 30 minute ride. Check the bus schedule from Bolzano train station to Völs at
You can find more information how to travel to Bolzano (Bozen) on the Wikitravel website:

For information about train tickets and schedules, make sure to check the Italian Railway Company (website) or (check on) the German Railway Company website for more information. Usually you can check availability and book tickets not more than 60 days in advance.

Völs am Schlern