Parent/Guardian Info

There is no age limit for participants. Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or designated guardian.

Information for an accompanying person:

For family members and/or spouses accompanying festival participants we offer a Family Package.

The Family Package includes accommodation (sharing a room with your child/spouse), full board (except on excursion days), bus transportation from and to the airports Milan and Munich, respectively, on July 5 and July 24, 2018 (for departure times see Travel Information), bus transportation to concerts (if outside of Völs am Schlern), participation in excursions and language classes.  In addition to this, you may attend all festival concerts as well as private lessons, chamber music coaching and master classes of your child/spouse. The Family Package price is $2090 (incl. accommodation category A) and $1890 (incl. accommodation cat. B). Category A has a higher star rating then B. There is a limited availability for accommodation A, and room assignments will not be given until tuition has been received by the festival.

Log into the applicant’s Semper Music Account, fill in the Accompanying Person Application and submit it together with your child/spouse application. You need to make your Family Package payment to Semper Music Inc. by April 24, 2018 (see payment information below). The accommodation category of your Family Package must be the same as the person’s you are accompanying.

If you would like to do some volunteer work at the festival, please send us an email to