Elena Rossman (Russia/USA)

Elena Rossman

Elena Rossman is a well-known and widely respected teacher of classical piano and an avid supporter of the development and musical growth of extraordinarily gifted musicians from around the world.
Mrs. Rossman is passionate about recognizing, encouraging, supporting, teaching and working with gifted and talented musicians as they journey from the earliest stages of musical development to mastery. She has been teaching and developing promising and accomplished musicians of all ages for over 30 years. As President and Music Director of the non-profit AADGT, she helps young and extraordinarily gifted classical musicians.
Mrs. Rossman has employed her effective techniques and unique style of teaching piano for many years at the Westchester Conservatory and elsewhere. She has given master classes throughout the world, including in the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Sweden, Russia, and Thailand, and has been a repeat faculty member at summer festivals in Luxembourg and Germany. She has collaborated with internationally recognized professors of music.
Her students have earned undergraduate and advanced degrees from the Julliard School (USA), Manhattan School of Music (USA), Moscow Conservatory (Russia), Royal Academy of Music (UK) and other leading music institutions throughout the world. They have achieved national and international success, going on to win competitions and to become successful professional musicians.
Mrs. Rossman earned an MA in Piano Pedagogy and Performance from the Alma Ata and Moscow Conservatories. She studied under Viktor Afanasiev, who was a pupil of Heinrich Neuhaus of the Moscow Conservatory.

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