Season Highlights

Join us for the 2020 summer season! Highlights of the 2020 season to be announced.


Here were some of the highlights from the 2018 Semper Music International Festival:

Alexander RudinAlexander Rudin, cello
Recital MONDAY, 9 July 2018
“The light tone of Maestro Rudin floats through the whole music surface with divine fluency never losing the beauty of the sound neither its intensity.”- Stuttgarten Zietung




Boris KuschnirMikhail Kopelman, violin
Recital  THURSDAY, 12 July 2018
“An extraordinary violinist, in various ways: a long and intense career, prestigious prizes, a refined technique and, above all, a beautiful and moving sound. His best assets are not only his great interpretation but also that he has been able to put together a musical ensemble which is virtually perfect.” -Genova Review

Works by Brahms, Smetana and Shostakovich


Polina OsetinskayaJacob Katsnelson, piano
Recital MONDAY, 16 July 2018
“Katsnelson embraces the full potential of the instrument and offers performances that are oftentimes virtuosic, full-bodied and dramatic. But he is most impressive in works that require emotional repose and the kind of mystical simplicity that only the truest of virtuosi can achieve.”-Fanfare

Works by Beethoven Rameau and Prokofiev


Competition winner

Mayor Othmar Stampfer
with competition winner 2015

Competition winners’ concert

It was a special night full of excitement for all the winners of the Semper competition in 2018. Each year the competition winner’s recital and award ceremony is a joyful gathering of the festival community, sponsors, press, members of the government and audience.