The Semper Music International Festival (named Schlern Intl’ Music Festival before 2016) offers an International Competition to the participants in the areas of violin, viola, cello, voice, and piano. There is no age limit for participants. The competition has two rounds – the first round by recording and the second round is a live audition open to public during the Festival.



Competition winners appear in a special recital in the 14th-century castle, Prösels, and receive the following cash prizes:

  • violin/ viola – $1000
  • cello – $1000
  • voice – $1000
  • piano – $1000
  • Two Honorable Mentions – $300 each


Competition Repertoire:

First round – At least two pieces of different styles with a total duration of at least 15 minutes (video recording).

Your application video recording will be considered for the first round of the competition.

Second round –three pieces of different styles (except piano concertos); one of them must be a virtuoso piece. A movement of a larger composition may be performed. The performance duration is 15 minutes. The repertoire of the first round may not be repeated.

Please note: the Jury retains the right to stop a performance if the competitor exceeds the allotted time; repeats are at the discretion of the performer and, the performer may select the running order.


How to apply:

  • Check the correspondent box in the Participant Application.
  • Submit a nonrefundable $105 competition entry fee made payable to SEMPER Music Inc. by April 10, 2018.

By April 17, 2018, you will be notified of the First Round results.  Competitors selected for the Second Round need to submit their Second Round repertoire (include duration of each piece) by April 24, 2018 using the according online form.