Chiao-Ling Sun (Taiwan)

Ms. Chiao-Ling Sun holds the post of Violin Professor of Music Department at the National Taiwan University of Arts. There, she is presently teaching violin performance, chamber music, and string pedagogy.

Graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts in 1981 with a diploma in music, she went on to receive her Bachelor of Music Degree and Master of Music Degree from Peabody Conservatory of Music in 1986. In 1988, Ms. Sun was sent back to USA by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education on a full scholarship from University of California at Santa Barbara, where she completed her Doctor of Music Arts Degree in 2001.

While in USA, Ms. Sun received Pi Kappa Lambda Award, YASQ Fellowship, Advanced Teacher Training Program Fellowship, INA Broida Graduate Fellowship. She also premiered the “Tapestry” Piano Trio by the modern American composer Joel Feigin at the Carnegie Hall.

Chiao-Ling Sun held the position of concertmistress in Annapolis Symphony orchestra, Peabody Symphony Orchestra, Peabody Conductor Orchestra, National Experimental Orchestra, and Taiwan Academy of Arts Orchestra. She was also the Associate Concertmistress of Maryland Symphony Orchestra, and Baltimore Chamber orchestra.

Ms. Sun founded and was the Director of the highly acclaimed Taiwan String Quartet. The quartet toured USA, Singapore and Costa Rica, winning reviews from the Costa Rica newspapers putting them at the same level as the Tokyo String Quartet.

A regular figure in organizing numerous musical events in her home country, Ms Sun also published several books, including “Studies on Brahms Violin Compositions”, “Studies on Bartok String Quartet No. 1”, “The Origins of Violin Music”, “The Violin and Keyboard Sonatas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”, and translated Maxim Jacobsen’s “Violin Gymnastics” to Mandarin language.

Dr. Sun’s solo career sees her performing in numerous international concert halls. Her repertoire includes concertos by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Sibelius, Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”, Violin Concerto “Butterfly Lovers” by Gang / Zhanhao, Brahms’ “Double Concerto”, Beethoven’s “Triple Concerto”, V Williams “The Lark Ascending”. The Santa Barbara Independent described her performance: “Her playing reflects a spirit of spontaneity that is both exciting and mesmerizing. Her natural romanticism creates an intensely moving experience.”

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